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01.Backgammon complete set S TRAVELING RED
02.Backgammon complete set S EPIRUS - TRAVEL
03.Backgammon Chess Draughts S THREE IN ONE - TRAVEL
04.Backgammon complete set S KYTHIRA - TRAVEL
05.Backgammon complete set S TRAVEL BOBBIN
06.Backgammon complete set XS MAGNETIC - POCKET
07.Backgammon complete set M KOSIS
08.Backgammon complete set M NAXOS
09.Backgammon complete set S KORFU - TRAVEL
10.Backgammon & Chess S TRAVEL ROLL UP
11.Backgammon complete set M IOSIS
12.Backgammon complete set M PAROS

Travelling Backgammon Boards


Small magnetic backgammon boards, of high quality, nice to have on any trip or vacation.

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 Philos 2801 
  Backgammon & Chess S TRAVEL ROLL UP  

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 GammonGames 1713 
  Backgammon complete set S TRAVEL BOBBIN  

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 Philos 1132 
  Backgammon complete set M IOSIS  

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 Philos 1116 
  Backgammon complete set M KOSIS  

39.38EUR  Buy Now 
 Philos 1111 
  Backgammon complete set M PAROS  

30.63EUR  Buy Now 
 Philos 1112 
  Backgammon complete set M NAXOS  

30.63EUR  Buy Now 
 Philos 1138 
  Backgammon complete set S FOLDING  

8.75EUR  Buy Now 
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